Dr Mark G J Hartl is an Associate Professor of Marine Biology, specialising in Marine Ecotoxicology in the Centre for Marine Biodiversity & Biotechnology (CMBB), Institute of Life and Earth Sciences, at Heriot-Watt University. He is also Director of the CMBB and Director of Studies for the MSc cluster in Marine, Environment and Climate Change (http://www.hw.ac.uk/marinemsc). 

Dr Hartl represents the Marine Alliance for Science & technology, Scotland (MASTS) on the Scottish Government’s Marine Litter Advisory Group Steering Committee and leads the MASTS Stressors Forum (http://www.masts.ac.uk/research/research-forums/marine-stressors-forum/).

He received an MSc from the University of Vienna (1996) in Biology (Zoology/Marine Ecology) and a PhD from the University of Southampton (2000). Following a Postdoctoral Fellowship at University College Cork (2001-2006), he took up a position as Lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. He was president of the Physiology Section of the American Fisheries Society (2010-2012) and served on the Environmental Pollution Review Panel for FORMAS (2011-2014).

Latest Paper 

Devereuz, R., Hartl, M. G. J., Bell, M. C. & Capper, A. (in press). The Abundance of Microplastics in Cnidaria and Ctenophora in the North Sea. Mar Pollut Bull.

Latest Citation(s) 17 January, 2022; h-index 19

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13 January 2022

Jones, K. L., Hartl, M. G. J., Bell, M. C. & Capper, A. (2020). Microplastic accumulation in a Zostera marina L. bed at Deerness Sound, Orkney, Scotland. Mar Pollut Bull 152: 110883.

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